Supercharge your Micro-Influencer Relationships

Acorn automatically tracks and rewards influencer-referred sales.

Acorn powers ambassador programs for hundreds of merchants

How Sticker Guru got 67 influencer Instagram posts in one week, driving $1k+ in referred sales.

Sticker Guru set up an influencer program on Acorn for 9 influencers. Acorn automatically tracked referred sales and Instagram posts, awarding 10 points per referred sale, 1 point per Instagram Story, and 5 points per Instagram post. Within the first week, influencers created 67 Instagram stories and posts and drove $1036 in sales. Sticker Guru influencers earned a combined 300 points, redeemable for $30 of store credit.
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How it works

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Reward store credit based on measurable results.

Why store credit? Influencers who work for store credit are more genuine and enthusiastic about your brand.

Reduce upfront cost and uncertainty

Reward based on referred sales or traffic.

Get tagged on Instagram

Reward influencers when they post.

Set up custom rewards

Manually reward with creative gifts (or cash).

Recruit influencers and verify Instagram demographics.

Turn your customers and followers into influencers with an application form.

Embed on your Shopify website

Influencers can sign up without leaving your store.

Verify Instagram engagement and demographics

Make sure their audience aligns with your customer base.

Ask custom questions

Ask for their size or favorite products pre-onboarding.

Make it easy for influencers to love working with you.

Give each influencer a unique link that allows them to quickly check their rewards balance and redeem.

Easy to use, secure invite link

Influencers don't need to download an app or create an account.

Program information all in one place

Influencers can easily check their details any time.

Redeem rewards self-serve

Influencers can redeem and get store credit instantly.

We're a trusted Shopify Partner.

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It is the perfect tool for managing your brand ambassadors and our ambassadors love the look, simplicity, and how easily they can track their performance.
Beer Die Guys
I am no longer dreading expanding my influencer base now that I have this app to do the work for me!
Royal Coven
We've tested multiple apps but none met our needs. This app however is perfect. It's simple, clean and effective.
Team Plover

Pay only when it works.

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For brands getting started with influencer marketing.

$0and 4% of referred sales
  • Work with up to 25 influencers
  • Influencer application with IG verification and custom questions
  • Track & reward clicks and referred sales
  • Track & reward Instagram stories and posts
  • Promo codes and links automatically generated
  • Custom rewards
  • Influencer-facing elements in your language
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For businesses looking to scale up influencer programs

  • Work with up to 300 influencers
  • Everything in the Basic plan
  • Fixed, consistent pricing
  • Use your domain for shared links
  • Change shared link destination to highlight seasonal collections
  • Rename "points" to fit your brand
  • Contact us for a custom setup
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Does Acorn help me find influencers?

We provide tools for you to recruit and work with influencers you source. We don't have a database of influencers to recommend. This also means your influencers are not shared with others!

Can we contact ambassadors through the Acorn app?

You own the relationships with influencers and control the messaging, so we don't provide communication tools through the app. You can contact influencers via email or DM.

Can I reward influencers with cash payments?

By default, we reward automatically with cash vouchers to your Shopify store. You can also set up custom rewards, including cash payments. You'll be responsible for fulfilling custom rewards.

Can I manually adjust an influencer's reward points balance?

Yes! You can add or subtract points from influencers at any time. This is a great way to reward them for activity we don't track automatically, or previous activity.

Can I export the data?

Yes, you can export influencer details and performance stats into CSV form, which can be opened in Excel.

Does Acorn offer other languages besides English?

Our team is English-speaking only, but we are very happy to work with you and roll out a version for influencers in your preferred language. (We already have French, Spanish and German available!) Please contact us at to discuss.

Does Acorn work with other currencies besides USD?

Yes! It works with your native Shopify store currency.

Does Acorn handle returns or refunds?

By default, points are immediately awarded when an influencer-referred order has been paid. If you're worried about returns, you can set up a delay period (i.e. 30 days) after which points will be assigned if the order has not been returned.

How it works

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